Empower Your Home with Telus Smart Home Security Solutions

Choosing MAG Smart Security means more than simply purchasing a security system; it signifies an investment in peace of mind. And here’s why: MAG Security brings years of hands-on experience creating efficient, tailor-made security solutions for homes and businesses.

Combine that expertise with Telus Smart Home Security and you get a harmonious blend of comprehensive, around-the-clock protection and user-friendly control.

Imagine a home where the latest surveillance meets smart living. A home that not only shields you from risks but also adapts to your lifestyle. This is when your home becomes your fortress of security and comfort.

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Smart Security systems

Protection You Can Trust From The Leader In Security.

Find peace of mind with a custom-built home security system for your unique home. MAG Security understands that no two homes or businesses are the same. That’s why we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

The Team at MAG Security listens to your unique needs and crafts a security blueprint that’s as individual as you are. From selecting the ideal cameras to integrating advanced Telus smart technology, we design a personalized shield of protection just for you.

It’s not merely about adding locks and alarms; it’s about creating an ecosystem of security that you can trust implicitly.

Why Trust MAG as Your Smart Home Security Provider?

When it comes to your safety, settling for less is not an option. That’s why you need a provider that brings credibility and quality.

MAG Smart Security has built a reputation of trust, backed up by our commitment to excellence. What takes our service to the next level is our proud partnership with Telus, a leader in innovative technology.

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Benefits of Using a Telus Authorized Dealer

Rest easy with Real Home Security.

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Quality Assurance

Being a Telus authorized dealer means meeting stringent quality standards and guaranteeing a quality product.

Customer Support

24x7 Monitoring

Smart Home Specialists are always there to respond to an emergency.


Access to Cutting-Edge Tech

As an authorized Telus dealer,
we offer security solutions with the latest smart technology.

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Integrated Systems

With Telus, your security system doesn't just stand alone;
it integrates seamlessly with other smart home functions.

Smart Security systems

Simply Integrated To Protect And Control Every Corner Of Your Home Or Business

MAG Smart Home Security, a Telus Authorized Dealer, provides a wide range of security essentials and additional features. Our offerings include video surveillance, break-in detection, and remote system control, all supported by high-end equipment designed to monitor and safeguard your family.
Request a free quote to start customizing and building the perfect security system for your home today.

Smart Security systems

High-Quality Security Systems

You’re not just purchasing a product; you’re investing in quality. Expect high-definition surveillance cameras, intelligent motion sensors, and a home monitoring system that never sleeps. We provide a holistic and interactive security experience.

Smart Home Notifications

Our Services - Protect What Matters Most.

Security & Surveillance

Wireless home security 24/7 continuous video recording.

Wireless Freedom

Cut the cords without cutting corners on safety. Our wireless cameras offer flexibility in installation while ensuring uninterrupted surveillance.

High-Resolution Video

You’ll see it all with crystal-clear video quality, capturing even the smallest details so you never miss anything important.

Real-Time Alerts

Stay informed and keep your family safe. Receive immediate notifications for unusual activity so you can take action before it becomes a problem.

Smart Home Security

Receive notifications and control your smart home system from anywhere.

Remote Access

You can manage and monitor your home security from your smartphone, even if you’re away on vacation or out running errands.

Instant Notifications

Receive immediate alerts for any security events, be it a door left open or an unexpected visitor, sent straight to your device.

24x7 Monitoring

Smart Home Professionals are always there to respond to an emergency.

Continuous Vigilance

Sleep peacefully, go on vacation, or live your daily life without worrying about your home’s safety. Our smart home professionals monitor your premises 24/7, so you don’t have to.

Immediate Response

In the event of an emergency or unusual activity, you’re not alone. Our dedicated team responds instantly, providing you with the necessary support and alerting relevant authorities if needed.


We’re not just a service but your safety net. Our relentless monitoring ensures that someone is always there to respond to any emergency, day or night.

Personalized Peace Of Mind

Our professionals diligently tailor home security systems that fit every customer’s needs.

Detailed Consultation

Our commitment to your safety starts with understanding your needs. That’s why we invest time in an initial consultation to learn about your unique living or working situation.

Custom-Built Security Plans

We know that every individual and family has unique requirements and preferences. Our professionals work diligently to design a home security system that fits you like a glove.

Ongoing Support

Your peace of mind doesn’t end after installation. Our team remains available for adjustments, upgrades, and any queries you will have, ensuring that your custom-built system continues to meet your evolving needs.

Package - Control + Video

Achieve unparalleled control and visibility over your home security with our comprehensive “Control + Video” package. Here’s what’s inside:

home security systems

Qolsys Power G Panel

The Brain Behind Your Security

Intelligent Interface

Highly Secure

This is the control center of your security system, offering an intuitive touchscreen interface to manage all connected devices.

With advanced encryption standards, this panel ensures that your data and commands remain confidential.

door sensors

Door Sensors

First Line of Defense Against Intruders

Instant Alerts

Easy Installation

Utilize real-time notifications to receive instant updates regarding the status of a door.

Wireless and sleek, these sensors are easy to install and blend seamlessly with your home’s design.

motion sensors

Motion Sensors

Capture Every Movement, Miss Nothing

Wide Coverage


Offers a broad field of vision, capturing movement across large indoor spaces.

Designed to avoid false alarms triggered by small pets moving around the house.

doorbell camera

Outdoor or Doorbell Camera

Your Eyes, Inside and Outside

High-Resolution Video

Two-Way Audio

Crystal-clear live footage ensures you miss nothing important.

Communicate directly through the camera, whether to greet a visitor or deter a potential intruder.

smart door locks

Smart Door Locks

Controlled Access at Your Fingertips

Remote Locking/Unlocking

Customized Access

Forgot to lock the door? Do it remotely from your smartphone.

Set unique access codes for family members or trusted visitors.

smart thermostat

Smart Thermostat

Comfort Meets Efficiency

Temperature Control

Automated Schedules

Set your home’s optimal temperature for comfort and energy efficiency.

Program daily or weekly schedules to automate temperature changes.

garage door module

Garage Door Module

Keep a Virtual Eye on Your Garage

Remote Operation

Activity Log

Open or close your garage door from anywhere, right from your smartphone.

Keep track of when the garage door was operated, adding an extra layer of security.

security cameras

24/7 Monitoring

Because Your Safety Knows No Time Limit

Continuous Surveillance

Prompt Response

Our smart home professionals monitor your home around the clock, ready to act in an emergency.

If an alarm is triggered, our team responds immediately, notifying you and the relevant authorities if required.

Security Tips and Tricks

Below are some bite-sized, actionable tips focusing on interior and exterior home security services, cameras, and home automation.

Interior Home Security Services

Safe Zones
  • Why: Improve the security of your home’s interior to mitigate potential security risks effectively.
  • How: Increase your home’s security by reinforcing specific areas with SMART security systems designed for indoor use, like motion sensors, indoor cameras, and smart smoke detectors.
Remote Control Panels
  • Why: Multiple control panels allow you to control your security system from various places within your home.

Exterior Home Security Services

Motion-Sensor Lights

  • Why: Bright lights deter potential intruders.
  • How: Install motion-activated lighting around entrances and dark corners of your property.

Perimeter Checks

  • Why: Regularly checking the exterior can help spot potential vulnerabilities.
  • How: Make it a habit to walk around your property, checking for any signs of wear and tear or potential entry points for burglars.

Security Cameras

Optimal Placement

  • Why: Camera placement impacts the effectiveness of your surveillance.
  • How: Place cameras at a height and angle where they can cover the most ground but are not easily reachable to be tampered with.

Cloud Storage

  • Why: Storing footage safely ensures you can access it when needed.
  • How: Opt for cloud storage options to keep important video footage secure and easily accessible.

Home Automation

Automated Door Locks
  • Why: Forgetting to lock your doors is a common mistake.
  • How: Use home automation to schedule doors to lock automatically whenever you leave home.
  • Why: Automating your security settings based on location adds convenience.
  • How: Set up geofencing to automatically arm your security system when your smartphone leaves a certain radius around your home.

Why Settle for One?
When You Can Have the Best of Both Worlds?

Integrated Excellence

Combining MAG’s proven expertise in customized security solutions with Telus’ cutting-edge smart home technology gives you an unmatched, fully integrated security experience.

Trusted Brands, One Mission

As a Telus Authorized Dealer, we provide you with advanced equipment and the reliability and reputation that come with two of the industry’s most trusted names.

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Securing your home with Telus Home Security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Telus Smart Home is an advanced suite of smart technology features that integrate seamlessly with our security systems. This lets you control and monitor your home’s various aspects directly from your smartphone or other devices, such as lighting, temperature, and door locks.

You can upgrade your existing security system to a Telus Security System. We will evaluate your current setup and recommend integrating compatible devices or replacing them with Telus technology for enhanced features and centralized control via the Telus Smart Home app.

The Telus Smart Home app allows you to manage your security system alongside other smart home devices, providing a centralized platform for complete home automation and security. This makes it convenient to monitor cameras, arm or disarm your security system, and control lights, thermostats, and more, all from one interface.

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