Elevate Child Safety with This Must-Have Smart Security System

smart control panel

Imagine having a personal security guard dedicated solely to protecting your child and your home. With technological advancement, we now have access to smart security system options that act as a vigilant guardian to make a secure environment out of our living space. Telus offers smart home devices that keep you virtually present at your home, even when on a trip. 

The Skyrocketing Break-in Prevalence in Canada

Economic downturns, substance abuse, and a lax security setup are some of the factors that contribute to the increasing vulnerability to break-ins among Canadians. 

What Statistics Say

Break-ins in Canada rose by 6,983 instances (+5.55%). The total number of incidents that occurred in 2022 was 132,897. There was a decrease in events before this surge.

Break-ins can have various effects on children in addition to potential physical harm. It can shake their feeling of safety at home and produce a traumatic experience, leaving lasting emotional and psychological effects. 

Having an Intrusion-proof Home

Your doors should always be closed and locked to prevent intrusions since thieves will take advantage of any chance to enter through windows or open doors. To prevent windows from opening too much, consider installing locks. To discourage intruders, you should also play radio and leave lights on at night to give the impression that the house is occupied. 

Another DIY security measure is to refrain from alerting delivery staff to your absence by not leaving notes for them or messages on answering machines. 

Getting smart security system services is another more efficient option than doing your security work. 

Current Trends and Innovations in Home Security

Smart Home Integration

Home security systems are increasingly integrating with compatible smart devices, such as seamless connections with smart locks, a doorbell camera, and other devices for remote monitoring and control of security systems using phones or voice commands.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Using AI and machine learning in a home security system enables advanced threat detection and behaviour analysis. Best security systems can learn and adapt to standard patterns, quickly identifying anomalies and potential security risks and enhancing overall protection.

Video Doorbells 

Video doorbells have evolved to offer more than just essential surveillance. Current security system trends include facial recognition, doorbell cameras, two-way communication, and package detection. These security system features enhance homeowners’ awareness and control over their property.

Wireless Security Cameras

Enhanced battery technology has paved the way for wireless security cameras featuring extended battery life. These professionally installed systems offer flexibility in placement and provide long-lasting surveillance without frequent battery replacements.

DIY Home Security Systems

The rise of DIY home security system solutions allows homeowners to install and customize their systems easily. These systems come with user-friendly interfaces, affordable pricing, and the flexibility to add or adjust components based on individual needs.

The Telus Smart Security System Options

Security Services

Motion Sensors

DescriptionA motion detector spots intrusions and triggers alarms upon motion detection. 
UsesStrengthen security in homes, offices, or other indoor settings. 
BenefitsThis smart home technology offers real-time alerts to prevent false alarms.
RisksInaccurate triggers and reliance on motion sensor precision.
MaintenanceRegular sensor functionality inspection and time firmware updates.

Smart App

DescriptionA smart app allows remote control over home security settings using smartphone apps and provides real-time intrusion alerts.
UsesControl the security system with a few taps and access live feeds from your video devices.
BenefitsEnable real-time monitoring, easy to install, receive personalized alerts, push notifications, and email/text alerts. 
RisksVulnerabilities in cybersecurity.
MaintenanceAdjust and review privacy settings regularly.

Video Doorbell

DescriptionA video doorbell provides a 180º wide-angle view, enables real-time two-way audio communication with visitors, and delivers instant motion alerts to your phone.
UsesDetect and record motion up to 8 feet away, even in complete darkness.
BenefitsWith flexible video plans and cloud storage, watch, and share up to 3,000 videos across connected cameras.
RisksPrivacy concerns and reliance on network stability.
MaintenanceRegularly clean the lens and perform firmware updates.

Smart Lock

DescriptionThe system provides remote lock/unlock capabilities, easy keypad entry, programmable codes, and Bluetooth pairing for hands-free access.
UsesSecure entry points and remotely manage access.
BenefitsExperience convenience, heightened security, and keyless entry.
RisksPotential technical malfunctions and dependency on connectivity.
MaintenanceRegularly replace batteries and conduct routine security checks.


Indoor Camera

DescriptionCapture and record video footage within the confines of a building or enclosed space.
UsesIdeal for home security, self monitoring, childcare, elderly care, and indoor surveillance.
BenefitsEnjoy crystal-clear video, improved communication, customized video analytics, and an LED status light.
RisksPrivacy concerns and the potential misuse of two-way audio features.
MaintenanceRegular lens cleaning and firmware updates.

Outdoor Camera

Description1080p HD resolution, HDR wide-angle features, motion-based recording, night vision, and live streaming/recording capability. Paired with smart light bulbs for added security.
UsesMonitor outdoor spaces, discourage intruders, and elevate overall security.
BenefitsExperience clear video monitoring, motion-triggered recording, and prolonged surveillance. Ensures continuous outdoor professional monitoring services.
RisksPrivacy concerns and the reliance on network stability.
MaintenanceRegular lens cleaning and firmware updates.

Home Automation

Smart Lightbulb 

DescriptionEliminate concerns about leaving lights on when away with motion-triggered smart lighting that remains controllable even during internet outages.
UsesEnhance security and bolster the deterrent effect.
BenefitsEnjoy substantial energy cost savings that last for over 22 years.
RisksPossible technical glitches and the system’s dependency on intelligent lighting.
MaintenanceRegularly check for connectivity and implement firmware updates for optimal performance.

Smart Plugs

DescriptionEnhance smart home automation and control of your electronic appliances.
UsesProgram appliances to operate at scheduled times and sync with other smart home security systems.
BenefitsMimic occupancy, exercise greater control over home devices and detect unusual activity.
RisksPotential technical malfunctions and reliance on network stability.
MaintenanceRegular checks for connectivity and firmware updates.
smart control panel
Smart Control Panel

Best Home Security System for Child Protection

Investing in a must-have smart security system is a game-changer for ensuring child safety. With features like real-time monitoring, motion detection, and secure access control, you can stay one step ahead of potential threats and ensure the safety of your little ones, whether you’re home or away. 

Relish the peace of mind of knowing your home is safeguarded against break-ins with the best home security systems. Contact MAG Security now for professional installation of your security systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

This security system’s remote access to appliances operates through connectivity and the internet. You may access and control several connected appliances remotely using an easy-to-use web portal or smartphone application. 

You can control and monitor your home appliances from anywhere globally, on or off the lights, thermostat, or live feeds from security cameras. 

The system uses industry-leading encryption and authentication techniques to protect user data and privacy. Telus has put stringent privacy rules in place and complies with all applicable laws about data security. User data and behaviour are cautiously managed, and safe authentication procedures guard system access. 

The system incorporates backup power choices, such as battery backups or other power sources. The hub or control panel of the system has local storage capabilities, enabling it to save data and carry out monitoring tasks even without internet connectivity. Smart security systems automatically reconnect and sync any saved data when power and internet access are restored.

Its primary function is to offer real-time surveillance throughout your house via carefully positioned, high-definition video cameras. You can use your computer or smartphone to monitor your child’s actions indoors and outside from any location. 

If any unexpected or potentially dangerous circumstances, such as unauthorized people entering the building or strange motion being observed in restricted areas, the system can instantly transmit notifications to your mobile. 

The system may also be integrated with additional child safety devices like smoke detectors, door/window sensors, and smart locks to establish a complete safety network. Knowing that your child is safe and secure gives you peace of mind.

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