Examining the Dynamic Shifts in Burglars’ Behaviour Upon Encounter with a Home Security System

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The invasion of one’s home, privacy, and valuables can cause mental and financial trauma. As reported by Statista, there were 6,983 housebreaking incidents in Canada in 2022, 5.5% higher than the previous year. 

This highlights the importance of home security companies and strong home security systems, such as smart locks, motion sensors, alarm systems, security cameras, and other security devices. These first-line defences discourage intruders and provide homeowners with peace of mind.

Let us examine how a smart home security system affects criminals’ behaviour and the role of modern technology in keeping your home safe. 

Understanding Burglars’ Behavior

  • Burglars target homes to take valuables they can sell. Electronics, jewels, cash, and other high-value commodities are targets on the black market or in pawn shops.
  • Some burglars steal to maintain their drug habit or pay their bills. They may take more risks and target vulnerable residences due to their urgency.
  • Burglars may target residences for personal vendettas or spying. This could involve resenting specific homeowners or targeting properties they think have valuable assets based on observations or insider information.

Common Methods

  • Forced Entry: To enter, they may shatter locks, hinges, or glass with crowbars, screwdrivers, or hammers. Homes are more vulnerable to forcible entry due to door and window lock vulnerabilities and poorly lighted entry locations.
  • Subtle Tactics: This may involve impersonating service workers, delivery drivers, or neighbours to win occupants’ trust and obtain suspicion-free entry.
  • Specialized Methods: Robbers can use advanced tools and methods to breach security. Lock-picking kits, bump keys, and electronic hacking devices can disable security and home alarm systems.

Burglar’s Common Risk Assessment

Protective Measures

Burglars choose targets based on security setup. Appearances like alarms, outdoor security cameras, and motion-sensor lighting make homes seem challenging to burglars. A home without an apparent security system is more vulnerable and a tempting target.

Occupancy and Visibility

Burglars evaluate occupancy and visibility when calculating home invasion danger. Occupied homes are riskier since they are more likely to be discovered and confronted. Homes that appear abandoned or secluded give more options for covert access and escape, making them lower-risk targets.

Possible Effects 

Burglars consider the risk of resistance or law enforcement before attacking a home. Due to heightened observation and alertness from homeowners and police, criminals may have difficulty breaking into high-crime or community watch homes. 

Impact of Smart Home Security Systems

Multiple studies show that smart home security systems deter burglaries. Criminals are less likely to target homes with obvious security devices like a ring alarm system, security cameras, door and window sensors, and security system signages. 

  • Home invasions occur at a rate 2.7 times higher in homes without smart home security systems, according to the research of Rutgers University Institute of Criminal Justice. 
  • The Electronic Security Association also found 9 out of 10 convicted burglars avoided homes with visible security services, like security cameras, smart door locks, window sensors, alarm systems, and other smart home devices. 

These statistics show that smart home security system discourages burglaries and safeguard homeowners.

Burglar’s Perception

  • Alarms

Audible alarms scare burglars. A sudden alarm activation alerts others, raising their chance of identification and arrest. Burglars avoid homes with a sound alarm system for fear of setting them off and drawing attention.

  • Surveillance cameras

Visible cameras, like the doorbell camera, improve the likelihood of identification and apprehension since law enforcement can use camera footage. Since burglars fear being caught and recognized, they avoid residences with visible smart home features.

However, some robbers may disguise themselves to avoid security cameras. Camera positioning and coverage also affect efficacy. Blind spots or places not covered by cameras may help burglars avoid discovery. 

  • Signs and Decals

Signage and decals can prevent criminals by causing doubt and hesitancy. Despite a home’s lack of a security system, indicators may dissuade robbers. Burglars consider residences with signs or stickers secured and riskier, choosing simpler targets.

Level of Security: Factors Influencing Burglars’ Behavior 

Deterring burglaries using home security systems depends on various aspects, including:

Systems Quality

  • Advanced Features

Most security systems have advanced features that deter burglary. Examples are wireless technology to remotely control and monitor the security settings, smartphone app integration for real-time warnings, and sensors that detect intruders from false alarms. Smart home security systems are more difficult and risky for burglars thus, they’re less likely to break in.

  • Reliability

The best home security system is reliable to deter burglaries. Tampering, malfunctioning, and false alarms should not affect a dependable system’s intrusion prevention. Burglars target homes with faulty or DIY security systems because they think they can bypass or disable them without discovery.

  • Professionally Installed Systems

A professionally installed system discourages burglaries more than a DIY home security system. Professional installation optimizes home security component configuration, positioning, and integration for maximum coverage and protection. A professional security system makes homes seem safer and harder to break into, deterring burglars.


  • Deterrent Effect: With increasing chances of detection and apprehension, burglars avoid residences with obvious smart home security measures. The University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that 83% of burglars would check for an alarm before attempting a break-in, and 60% would choose another target if there were one.
  • Placement strategy: Strategically placing smart home security measures maximizes visibility and deters burglaries. Install a wireless security system and smart lighting in low-light areas or hiding spots to dissuade intruders.

Smart Home Integration

Complete Coverage

An integrated security and home automation surround the property with several security components to prevent intruders. For comprehensive security monitoring options and response, consider these systems:

  • Alarms
  • Surveillance cameras (i.e., doorbell camera)
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Door and window sensors
  • Access control panel and devices
  • Environmental sensors

Fast Response

Integrated security systems allow every home, monitoring station, and law police to receive real-time notifications and respond to potential invasions. 

Home Security Strategies

Buy a Quality Security SystemPrioritize high-quality security systems. Professional installation and maintenance will maximize burglary deterrence.
Increase VisibilityInstall a motion sensor, show security signs, and place surveillance cameras near entrance points to increase home security visibility. 
Secure EntrancesInstall high-quality locks, deadbolts, and strike plates to secure doors, windows, and garage doors. Upgrade to smart locks with keyless entry and remote access for convenience and security.
Add Layers of SecurityIntegrate alarms, surveillance cameras, motion sensors, window sensors, and access control systems to layer home security. Layered security covers the entire property, increasing the likelihood of detection.
Stay AlertProfessionally monitored and maintained home security systems to ensure reliability. Test alarms, check local video storage, and update security system firmware regularly. 

New Developments

Smart Home Security System Integration

  • AI-powered security cameras can detect illegal entry and loiter in real-time. 
  • Machine learning algorithms can learn from behaviour and identify security threats more accurately and efficiently.
home security system

Secure Your Home and Property Today

Home security systems integrated with smart home technology may change criminals’ behaviour.  By understanding how robbers perceive and react to security measures, homeowners may improve their security and discourage criminals. 

After assessing your current system, consider updating it to high-quality, visible, and integrated home security measures. A security system at home is a financial investment in protecting your family members and possessions. 

MAG Smart Security offers the best home security system, with expertise developed through many years of providing effective, personalized security solutions for residences and businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you choose a security system, make sure it has the following:

  • Allows for simple installation and remote monitoring through wireless connectivity and smart technology
  • Smart home devices that detect motion within and outside the house
  • Advanced surveillance cameras equipped with high-definition video recording and night vision
  • Professional monitoring services that respond quickly to security incidents and provide protection around the clock

Surveillance cameras and professional monitoring services generate privacy concerns with home security systems. To solve these issues, pick a trustworthy security company that values data and consumer privacy. Remember your neighbours and family’s privacy while deciding where to install cameras and how to use recorded video.

If your security system identifies an intruder, take the necessary precautions to safeguard yourself and your family. Some of these actions include finding a secure area within the house, calling for help, and notifying people in the area. If you have professional monitoring services, they will usually let you know and send help when there’s an intrusion.

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