Why Every Airbnb Owner Should Consider Installing This Alarm System

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After an Airbnb host in Virginia discovered a painting in her property had been stolen and replaced with another, the internet launched into a frenzy to unravel the security breach mystery. 

Amy Corbett, the host, gained widespread attention after her TikTok video about the incident went viral, which led to a successful auction that raised over $1,500 for a nonprofit organization tackling housing instability.

This incident is just one of many in the hospitality industry, and it demonstrates the compelling need for Airbnb owners to ensure the safety and security of hosts and guests through reliable alarm systems.

What Security Breaches Can Alarm Systems Mitigate?

These security systems are important for Airbnb owners as they enhance the property’s security and the overall guest experience. They fight various security breaches in Airbnb properties, including:

Burglaries and Break-Ins

These security systems with sensors on doors, windows, and motion detectors can detect unauthorized entry attempts. These security systems trigger alarms and notify the owner and authorities to thwart potential burglaries and break-ins.

Property Damage

Glass break sensors can detect the sound frequency and pattern of breaking glass. These sensors alert to potential property damage caused by vandalism or forced entry attempts.

Unauthorized Access

Entry keypad systems or smart locks can prevent unauthorized access by requiring unique access codes or access permissions. Smart locks are helpful to ensure that only approved guests can enter the property.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Hazards

Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide sensors can detect and alert occupants to potential fire or gas hazards.

How Smart Security Systems Protect Airbnb Owner’s Business Interests

These security solutions work best in safeguarding the business interests of Airbnb owners with their comprehensive security solutions. Here’s how:

Property Loss Protection

These security systems deter potential intruders and burglars, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, and property damage. Airbnb owners can preserve the property’s value and minimize the financial losses of theft or damage.

Liability Mitigation

Airbnb owners demonstrate their commitment to guest safety and duty of care. Proper security measures can help mitigate liability issues and potential legal claims in an incident or accident on the property.

Insurance Requirements

Many insurance companies may require Airbnb properties to have specific security measures to qualify for coverage. By meeting these requirements, Airbnb owners can protect themselves against potential risks.

Security Features of an Alarm System

Feature Description
Motion Detection Utilizes sensors to detect movement within a specified area, which triggers an alarm or notification.
Door/Window Sensors Monitors the movements of doors and windows to alert occupants about unauthorized access attempts.
Glass Break Sensors Detects the sound frequency and pattern of breaking glass. Activates the alarm during a break-in.
Entry Keypad Allows authorized users to arm and disarm the alarm system using a designated code or key fob.
Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Detectors Detects smoke or lethal levels of carbon monoxide and alerts occupants to potential fire or gas hazards.
Remote Access Users can control and monitor the security system remotely via smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Panic Button It offers a quick and discreet way to alert authorities in an emergency or intrusion.
Audible Siren It emits a loud alarm to deter intruders and alert nearby occupants and neighbours of a potential threat.

Smart Security Solutions for Your Airbnb Property

Integrating alarm systems with other smart home features creates a seamless and interconnected environment that boosts guests’ convenience and peace of mind. It’s a savvy investment that enhances the overall guest experience while prioritizing their safety and security.

Glassbreak Sensor 

Room Coverage Protection coverage of up to 10 x 12 square meters.
Long Battery Life The 3V CR123 Lithium battery can last for up to 5 years.
Wide Detection Range A detection range of 7.6 meters

Key Features

  • 360° Horizontal Sensing Angle. It can detect glass breakage from any direction.
  • Reliable, Minimal False Alarms. Offers almost zero false alarms.
  • Sound of Breaking Glass Monitoring. The sensor listens to the sound of glass breaking.

Smoke Detector 


  • Versatile Mounting Options. You can quickly fix it on the ceiling or the wall for optimized placement in your living space.
  • Battery-Powered. It offers continuous protection for up to 3 years under normal usage conditions.
  • Comprehensive Alerts. It delivers a range of alerts, including smoke detection, low battery indication, and tamper detection.
  • Extended Lifespan. It has a lifespan of 10 years starting from the manufacturing date. 

Special Features

  • Real-time Audio and Visual Alerts. Receive immediate audio and visual alerts directly on the device upon smoke detection in the vicinity.
  • Seamless Mobile Notifications. Besides on-device alerts, our system seamlessly sends instant notifications to your smartphone as soon as smoke is detected. 
  • Comprehensive 360° Horizontal Sensing. This technology boasts a wide 360° horizontal sensing angle for smoke detection.

Smart App Features

  • Remote Security Management. Ensure your property’s safety by efficiently managing your security system from anywhere.
  • Real-Time Home Insights. Stay informed with up-to-date information on your property, including sensor status and active alerts, right from the app.
  • Home Automation Control. Take control of your smart home devices like lights, thermostats, locks, and garage controllers from the app.


Prioritizing guest safety ensures positive reviews and ratings, which boosts the property’s visibility and appeal to potential guests and repeat bookings and referrals, thereby increasing occupancy rates and revenue. A strong reputation for guest safety elevates the overall brand reputation of the Airbnb owner and defines them as a trusted and reliable host within the hospitality industry.
MAG Security offers some of the world’s most advanced home protection technologies that cater to residential and commercial needs. We offer smart security solutions ideal for Airbnb owners who want to achieve intrusion-proof accommodations, ensure guest safety, and maintain peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide clear instructions in your house rules or guest manual on handling false alarms. Apologize to the guests for the inconvenience and assure them of steps taken to address the issue promptly.

Yes, it’s best to disclose the presence of your security solutions in your Airbnb listing description or house rules. Guests should be aware of their existence and functionality.

  • Include information about their location, operation, and what triggers them.
  • Provide instructions on what to do in case of an alarm activation.
  • Guest Privacy Features: Look for systems that respect guest privacy, such as temporary access codes for guests and the ability to turn off specific sensors during guest stays.
  • Remote Access and Control: Look for systems that offer remote access via a smartphone app or web portal. This feature allows you to arm, disarm, and monitor the system from anywhere.

Siren and Alerts: A loud siren and real-time alerts (via app notifications, SMS, or email) can deter intruders and notify you instantly of any security breaches.

Yes, it’s possible to qualify for insurance discounts for having smart security solutions in your Airbnb rental property. Some insurance companies grant discounts for properties with installed security systems because they are at lower risk of burglary and other security-related incidents.

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