Enhancing Home Security: Glassbreak Sensors


MAG Smart Home Security, an authorized Telus Dealer, offers a variety of security solutions, and among them, the Glassbreak Sensor stands out. This advanced sensor is specifically designed to bolster your security measures by analyzing the sound of breaking glass, providing a reliable alternative to traditional motion sensors.  A glassbreak sensor, or a glass break alarm, is a specialized device that triggers an alarm upon detecting the sound of shattered glass. This alarm system is an essential component of a comprehensive security system as it works with motion, window, and door sensors.

The alarm glassbreak sensor analyzes breaking glass in windows and sliding glass doors. Their primary purpose is to safeguard your family from potential burglars or intruders who may have intentions of theft or causing harm and distress to your loved ones.

Telus Glassbreak Sensor - Specifications

glassbreak sensor

Key Features

360° Horizontal Sensing Angle:
This sensor offers comprehensive coverage, detecting glass breakage from any direction.

Reliable, Minimal False Alarms:
Enjoy peace of mind with near-zero false alarms, ensuring accurate intrusion detection.

Sound of Breaking Glass Monitoring:
The sensor is designed to listen for the distinctive sound of glass breaking, enhancing your security.

glassbreak sensor


Room Coverage:
A single wireless Glass Break Sensor can effectively protect rooms measuring up to 10 x 12 square meters.

Long Battery Life:
The included 3V CR123 Lithium battery offers worry-free protection for up to 5 years, ensuring uninterrupted security.

Wide Detection Range:
With a detection range of 7.6 meters, the sensor covers a substantial area.

How Does Glass Break Sensors Work

Glassbreak sensors operate through a microphone that identifies the specific frequency associated with shattered glass. When this precise frequency is detected, the alarm system is triggered. Placing a sensor in the middle of a room with several windows will effectively detect any glass breaking within the area, with a detection radius of several feet. It’s an alternative to a motion sensor, but instead, starts to alarm before intruders can come in.

Value of Using Glass Break Detector

A glass breakage detector helps detect a break-in by addressing vulnerabilities in other sensors. While door and window sensors are essential, breaking glass can bypass them, and motion sensors only detect intruders once they have entered.

Integrating glassbreak detectors resolves these issues. They prevent burglars from circumventing door/window sensors through glass breakage and trigger alarms before intruders enter your property. An audible alarm from a glass shatter sensor can effectively deter criminals, which causes many to retreat when they hear it.

These detectors cover large areas. A single glass shatter alarm can encompass all windows in a room, and depending on conditions, its range can protect an area of 20 feet or more.

Key Features of a Good Glass Breaker Alarm

There are other solutions accessible even though window break sensors might be a useful addition to your security system. Some detectors could not deliver consistent performance, and certain models could be prone to false alarms.



Detection Range

The range of detection for a glass break sensor is an essential factor. A larger detection radius allows you to cover more area with a single sensor.


Glass break events can vary in loudness. Your glass sensors must detect breaking glass even if an intruder attempts to minimize the noise.


A reliable glass detector should include tampering indicators. Wireless sensors should also feature indicators for low battery and link quality.


This aspect determines its ability to effectively detect the sound of breaking glass and differentiate it from other noises. If the sensor lacks in this regard, it will not trigger alarms when necessary or will be susceptible to false alarms.

Scenarios When Glass
Break Alarms Matter

Glassbreak alarms can benefit a wide range of homes, businesses, and institutions. The glass detector market has seen an increase in home and commercial usage.

  • Homeowners: Glassbreak sensors enhance home security by detecting potential break-ins through windows or glass doors early.
  • Business Owners: Business establishments with glass storefronts can use glassbreak sensors to protect against break-ins and vandalism.
  • Museums and Galleries: Glassbreak sensors can protect artifacts and artwork in museums and galleries from tampering and theft.
  • Financial Institutions: Banks, credit unions, and ATMs benefit from glassbreak sensors to safeguard their premises and assets.
glassbreak sensor

Increase Your Security With Glass Break Sensors

A glass break sensor is a significant component of a comprehensive security system. It detects the sound of shattered glass and triggers an alarm to deter potential burglars or intruders. Addressing vulnerabilities in other sensors, such as door/window sensors, ensures that breakage cannot bypass the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

The optimal placement for glassbreak sensors is on the walls or ceilings of rooms containing windows. For instance, if a room has multiple windows and a sliding glass door, install a glassbreak sensor there. Installing bedroom detectors is a wise choice to ensure your peace of mind.

You can customize glassbreak alarms to ignore sounds below a specific frequency, which can mitigate false alarms triggered by pets. Consulting with a security professional is advisable as they can advise for pet-friendly alternative alarms.

Using glassbreak detectors outdoors is discouraged since they can respond to unrelated sounds, like thunder or passing vehicles.

Glassbreak detectors come with varying range limits. Telus comes with an impressive 7.6m detection range. Select a sensor that matches the dimensions and configuration of your home or business for effective coverage.

Glassbreak alarms are compatible with various glass types, encompassing tempered, laminated, and annealed glass.

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