Smart Plugs For Enhanced Security Solutions

Wondering how to turn your regular home appliances into smart devices? Smart plugs are the answer.  These compact gadgets plug into your traditional electrical outlets and bring your lamps, coffee makers, and even your seasonal décor to life in a new way. Imagine making your home look occupied while on vacation or setting up automated lighting patterns to deter would-be intruders. 

Let’s explore how the best smart plug can elevate your home’s security and convenience to a 21st-century standard. Build a Telus Smart Home with MAG Security today. 

Smart Plug Specifications

Our Smart Plugs are made to improve your electronic appliances’ automation and control. The following are the main features that make them an adaptable and practical addition to your smart home:

Universal Compatibility

Our Smart Plugs effortlessly blend with almost any electronic device in a power-off state. These plugs can transform your everyday appliances into smart, intuitive gadgets.

High Load Capacity

Built to handle up to 120VAC, these Smart Plugs deliver the power your appliances need, effortlessly. 

Extensive Wireless Range

With the ability to place these Smart Plugs up to 30.5 meters from your wireless controller or any Z-Wave device, you can optimize their placement. This flexibility is perfect for larger homes that allows you to create a connected living space.

Remote Control and Scheduling

Take command of your small appliances with ease with our smart plug. It empowers you to control and schedule your devices remotely. Offers unmatched convenience and smart energy management at your fingertips.

Enhanced Home Automation Network

Elevate the performance of your home automation network with this device. It serves as a Z-Wave repeater, enhancing the connectivity and reliability of your smart devices. 

Dual Power Receptacles

Telus smart plug is designed with two smart outlets to meet your diverse needs. One is a controllable receptacle, giving you the power to manage connected devices remotely. The other is a constant power pass-through, ensuring that your essential appliances stay on.

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Role of the Best Smart Plugs in Modern Security

Smart plugs are a modern convenience and an integral part of today’s home security landscape. Let’s break down how they make your home safer and more secure.



Security Benefit

Automated Scheduling

Program appliances to turn on/off at specific times

Mimics occupancy

Remote Control

Operate devices via a smartphone app

Greater control over home

Energy Monitoring

Track the power consumption of plugged-in devices

Detects unusual activity

System Integration

Sync with other home security systems

Comprehensive security coverage

Maintenance Tips

  • Software Updates: Keep your app and smart plug firmware up to date for optimal performance and security.
  • Regular Checks: Periodically ensure the plug is securely in the socket, preferably a smart socket, and not showing signs of wear or damage.
  • Clean: Clean the smart plug from dust and debris to ensure good connectivity and prevent overheating.

Unleash the Potential of Your Home with Smart Plugs

Make your life simpler and your home smarter with Telus smart plugs. Imagine your lamps turning on automatically at dusk or creating the illusion that you’re home when you’re actually on vacation. 

These aren’t just conveniences; they’re game-changers in our busy world. With easy voice control integration, managing your home has never been easier.

Why wait to upgrade your home? Dive into our selection of smart plugs today and start your journey towards a Telus Smart Home.

Frequently Asked Questions

TELUS smart plugs are designed to offer efficient control over your appliances and lamps. Thus, these smart plugs save energy, leading to more savings. However, when comparing them to many smart plugs in the market, always consider factors like compatibility with smart home devices, energy monitoring features, and overall ease of use.

Yes, TELUS smart plugs can be integrated with a range of other smart devices. They act as a Z-Wave repeater, enhancing the strength of your home automation network. This allows for seamless integration and control of various devices through the TELUS SmartHome app.

Currently, TELUS offers an indoor smart plug, primarily made for appliances and lamps for indoor use. If you need a smart plug for outdoor purposes, you might need to explore other smart plugs specifically designed for outdoor conditions. Note that most smart plugs are for indoor use. 

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