Illuminating Security with Smart Bulbs

Choosing MAG Smart Security signifies more than a mere purchase of a security system; it represents an investment in peace of mind.

MAG Security provides Smart Thermostats, which are modern alternatives to traditional thermostats and offer a range of smart features. These thermostats work by regulating your home’s temperature, thus providing efficient and convenient climate control. 

They go a long way in reducing heating and cooling costs, streamlining daily life, and offering some additional creature comforts through their diverse range of smart features. Contact MAG Security for a Telus Smart Home


The latest Thermostat offers you unparalleled control over your home’s temperature, with an added layer of security. Ensure your home is always at the right comfort level and safe from extreme temperature fluctuations.

Tailor your home’s temperature to your exact preference, room by room, and even adjust heating levels remotely through our intuitive app. Achieve the perfect balance of comfort and energy efficiency with ease.

Enjoy effortless temperature management with our Geo-Services automation feature. Let your thermostat adapt to your schedule by tracking your location, so it can automatically adjust the temperature when you’re on your way home.

With the included 4 AA batteries, you’ll enjoy up to 18 months of continuous operation without worrying about constant battery changes. Connect a common wire to ensure your temperature controller is always powered.

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Special Features:

Seamless Remote Temperature Control via the SmartHome App

Experience the ultimate convenience with the thermostat’s remote temperature adjustment feature. You can effortlessly fine-tune your home’s temperature from anywhere.

Enhanced Compatibility with Alexa and Google Home

They integrate with your smart home ecosystem. Connect it to your Alexa or Google Home device for hands-free control of your heating system. Simply use voice commands to set your desired temperature.

Tailored Comfort with Custom Schedules

Take charge of your home’s climate on your terms. Create personalized heating schedules that align perfectly with your daily routine.

How to Install a Smart Thermostat



Tips & Warnings


Test the current heating and cooling system to ensure it is operating properly.

Do not short electric terminals.


Check wiring to confirm a low voltage thermostat system (24 VAC).

High voltage systems are not compatible. Look for 2-4 thick wires for high voltage, and 2-9 thin wires for low voltage.


Turn off power to the heating and cooling systems.

Use a voltage detector to ensure no live current. Do not remove the existing thermostat before the power is off.


Remove the cover.

Take a picture of the wires for reference but do not disconnect them yet.


Label all existing wires with the provided labels.

If there’s an unidentified wire, trace it to the equipment.


Remove the old thermostat.

Secure the wires to prevent them from falling into the wall, e.g., by wrapping them around a pencil.


Install the new baseplate.

Use the provided level, mark the screw points, and drill holes if necessary. Be careful not to drill into electrical wires.


Connect the wires to the new thermostat.

Match the wire labels to the terminals. Do not force the wires; use a pen to release them if needed.


Install the batteries in the new thermostat.

Follow polarity markings. If using a transformer, connect between C and RH.


Attach the thermostat to the back plate.

Ensure the excess wire is tucked in and the pins align correctly with the terminal board.


Turn the power back on at the circuit breaker.


Connect your thermostat to the Control Panel or Automation Hub.

Follow the manual for specific steps related to your system.

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Smart Thermostat Maintenance

Maintaining a temperature controller is relatively straightforward. Here are a few tips to keep it operating at peak efficiency:

  • Regular Updates: Ensure your thermostat’s software is up to date to use the latest features and improvements.
  • Cleanliness: Keep the thermostat’s sensors clean to ensure accurate temperature readings.
  • Battery Replacement: If your thermostat has batteries, replace them as needed to prevent interruptions in operation.

Install The Best Smart Thermostat Today

Smart home devices have revolutionized how we manage and control various aspects of our living spaces. Adjusting temperature settings to achieve comfort and energy efficiency is key to home climate control. 

Smart thermostats require minimal user input, thanks to their intuitive and automated features. When searching for the best smart thermostats, consider compatibility and energy-saving capabilities. 

With the intelligent features of these thermostats, you can save money on energy bills by optimizing your heating and cooling schedules. 

Make the smart choice today and upgrade to one with MAG Security for a more comfortable and sustainable home. Discover a variety of smart devices with MAG Security here

Frequently Asked Questions

To check if your HVAC system is compatible with most smart thermostats:

  • Verify System Voltage: Ensure your system uses 24 VAC, not high voltage (120/240V).
  • Inspect Wiring: Look for multiple thin, colour-coded wires, typical for low-voltage systems.
  • Check for a C-Wire: Many thermostats require a common wire for power.
  • Use Compatibility Check Tools: Most manufacturers offer online tools to verify compatibility.
  • Consult an HVAC Professional: For a definitive answer, get an assessment from a technician.

If you’re replacing your old temperature controller with a savvy thermostat, here’s what to do with the old one:

Check for Hazardous Materials

Some old thermostats contain mercury, which is hazardous. Do not throw these in the trash.

Recycle Properly

Contact local waste management or a recycling centre to learn how to recycle your old temperature regulator properly. They may have specific instructions or locations for dropping off hazardous waste.


Manufacturer Take-Back Programs

Some temperature controller manufacturers offer take-back programs for recycling.


If the temperature regulator is still functional and does not contain mercury, consider donating it to Habitat for Humanity or a similar organization.

In Canada, advanced thermostats can lead to significant energy savings. According to Natural Resources Canada, the latest thermostat can help you save about 8% on your yearly home energy costs for heating and cooling​​. 

Also, the Demand Side Analytics highlighted that ecobee smart thermostat premium has consistently delivered savings, even with changes in consumption patterns, such as those experienced during the global pandemic​​.

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