Telus Video Doorbell:
Your Surveillance Solution

MAG Smart Security revolutionizes home safety with the Telus Smart Doorbell Camera. See who’s at your door with a 180º wide-angle view, talk to visitors in real-time using 2-way audio, and get instant motion alerts straight to your phone.

Stream your doorstep in real-time using our app or smart panel and effortlessly access stored videos. It’s more than a doorbell; it’s your VIP pass to upgrade home security.


This camera boasts advanced technology that allows it to detect and record motion up to a remarkable 8 feet away, even in complete darkness. The Telus Video Doorbell ensures continuous and reliable surveillance.

Featuring a 2 Megapixel Image Sensor, this camera excels at capturing clear and highly detailed visuals.

Comprehensive coverage is necessary for effective monitoring. This camera has a wide 165-degree horizontal and 145-degree vertical field of view.

Designed to seamlessly integrate with most door trims and frames, this camera measures a compact 3.81 cm in width, 12.19 cm in length, and 3 cm in depth.

Ensuring the correct power supply is essential for optimal performance. This camera supports both AC (16-24 VAC, 10-40VA with 16VAC, 10 VA recommended) and DC (15-24 VDC, 6-20W) power sources.

Key Features:

This camera is designed to withstand the extreme temperature ranges of -50°C to 50°C, ensuring its durability and functionality throughout Canada’s ever-changing weather conditions.

Offering Full HD resolution and High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology, this camera provides stunning and detailed visuals, even in challenging lighting conditions. Plus, it boasts infrared night vision for clear monitoring in low-light or no-light situations.

Two-way audio capabilities allow you to have seamless, two-sided conversations with individuals at your door.

This camera features intelligent motion-activated video recording, automatically capturing footage when movement is detected, ensuring you never miss a moment of activity in and around your property.

Video Specifications:

Telus Video Doorbell initiates video recording as soon as it senses any motion.

Using the SmartHome app, you can easily watch, share, and store up to 3,000 videos across your connected cameras.

Maximize surveillance systems by taking advantage of our flexible video plans, which can support up to four security cameras.

Control Your Doorbell Camera via the Mobile App:

  1. Open the TELUS SmartHome app and log in.
  2. Navigate to the Menu option.
  3. Scroll down within the menu and locate the “Doorbell Camera” section.
  4. Within the Doorbell Camera section, select “Settings” from the top right-hand corner to access a range of customization options for your doorbell, including the ability to:
    • Rename your doorbell for easy identification.
    • Configure doorbell call notifications to stay informed.
    • Create or modify a recording schedule to suit your preferences.
    • Fine-tune your Doorbell Camera’s Motion Sensitivity and Detection mode for tailored security.
    • Customize LED colors to match your preferences.
    • Adjust chime settings and volume to suit your needs.
video doorbell

Why Choose Telus Video Doorbell?

A ring video doorbell allows constant live streaming to view your doorstep 24/7.

video doorbell

Conventional Doorbells

Sporadic Coverage
Delay in Information
Limited Insight

video doorbell

Telus Smart Doorbell Cameras

Continuous Monitoring
Real-time Updates
Complete Visual Access

Take the Next Step to a Safer, Smarter Home with Video Doorbells

Ready to revolutionize your home security? MAG Smart Home Security, a Telus Authorized Dealer, provides a wide range of security essentials and additional features. With MAG Smart Security’s video and wired doorbell camera, you can easily integrate into your existing doorbell wiring for a seamless setup. 

You get more than just a doorbell—you get a complete, customizable security solution right at your fingertips. Don’t miss this opportunity to own the best doorbell camera and elevate your home’s safety and convenience. Contact MAG Security for your smart security solutions.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Telus offers one of the best smart doorbell camera on the market. Our doorbell cameras offer high-definition video, real-time alerts, and 2-way audio. Telus wireless video doorbells provide a comprehensive solution for home security.   

Yes, you can disable the camera or the doorbell feature through the app, using them independently if you wish.

Telus doorbell camera is a smart video doorbell offered by Telus, a Canadian telecommunications company. Telus provides the best video doorbell cameras in the market, featuring HD video, motion detection, and two-way audio communication, similar to other smart doorbells. 

No, Telus Smart Doorbells are not compatible with Nest doorbell systems. If you are specifically looking for Nest compatibility, you would want to consider other options. 

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