Water Sensor:
Detect Leaks and Prevent Damage

Don’t let floods disrupt your day. Stay ahead of potential water damage with proactive water alerts. MAG Security provides the Telus Flood Sensor, offering you a secure way to prevent water damage in your home.

Water leaks damage your property and pose serious risks like electrical fires and mould growth. Scroll down to learn how Telus Water Sensor by MAG Security provides safety, convenience, and peace of mind.

Specifications for Flood Sensor

water sensor

Feature Breakdown

This flood sensor is designed with wireless technology. It ensures seamless integration into your home or business security system.

The included 3V CR123 Lithium battery ensures worry-free protection for an impressive span of up to 8 years. Say goodbye to frequent battery replacements and enjoy extended peace of mind.

The flood sensor is compact, with dimensions of 8.1 x 3.4 x 2.5cm. It can be discreetly installed in various locations around your property.

water sensor

Key Highlights

Receive real-time alerts directly on your smartphone using the intuitive SmartHome app. Stay informed about any potential flooding or water-related issues, no matter where you are.

This flood sensor is specifically designed for detecting water at ground level. Protect your valuable properties with reliable flood detection.

Make installation decisions easier with the quality indicator built-in. It helps you choose the best spot for your flood sensor, ensuring it works effectively and accurately.

water sensor

Installation Features

Installing this device is a breeze, taking just a few minutes and requiring nothing more than a screwdriver. You’ll have it up and running in no time.

Effortlessly connect the Telus Water Sensor to your network without the hassle of wires. 

Please note that this sensor is intended for indoor use only. Its design is optimized for the controlled environment of your indoor space.

water sensor

Positioning Your Flood Sensor

Do not place it behind metal objects like a washing machine.

  • Position probe in the lowest area where water may accumulate during a flood.
  • Both probe points must touch water to trigger an alarm.
  • Ensure probes face downward for accurate detection.
  • Secure probe to the wall using provided screws.
  • Place the transmitter high on the wall to avoid water contact.
  • Use provided two-sided adhesive tape for secure attachment.
  • This prevents water exposure, ensuring transmitter functionality during water intrusion.

Risk Factor


Prevention with Smart Floor Sensor

Mould Growth

Health Risks

Early leak detection

Structural Damage

Safety Hazards

Immediate notification

Protect Your Property with a Water Detection Sensor

Don’t wait for a leak to wreak havoc on your property. Water damage can be an expensive, time-consuming, and stressful event to handle. Installing a water sensor row in your home or business isn’t just a wise decision—it’s essential for protecting your property and peace of mind. 

Contact MAG Smart Security today, let our professional team assist with your water sensor needs, and start your journey towards a fuller life with confidence and security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Travelers Risk Control explains that water sensor rows use moisture-detecting probes to identify leaks. When these probes detect moisture, they trigger an alert mechanism—ranging from audible alarms to real-time notifications on your phone. Technology varies by model, with basic ones using resistive sensing and advanced ones using capacitive sensing.

No, only advanced and industrial-grade water sensor models offer real-time notifications. Basic models do not.

Type of Sensor Row

Real-time Notifications







: For models with this feature, simply download the corresponding app, pair the sensor, and configure your alert settings.

The range of moisture detection varies by model. Basic models generally have a shorter range, suitable for confined spaces, while Advanced and Industrial-grade models offer an extended range for larger areas.

Type of Sensor Row

Detection Range


Up to 3 feet

Smart Water Sensors

Up to 10 feet


Up to 30 feet

Choose the appropriate model based on the size of the area you wish to monitor for optimal water leak detection.

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