Is Your Garage an Open Invitation? Secure Outdoor Spaces With A Home Security System

Home Security System

It’s no secret that outdoor living has become increasingly popular. Traditional patios and lawn areas are evolving into personalized sanctuaries right at home. 

When left exposed or open, your garage could inadvertently invite unwanted guests. This situation can raise concerns and prompt the question: How can I implement proactive measures?

The desire to safeguard and fully enjoy these upgraded amenities has fueled the emergence of a corresponding industry. A home security system is a professional monitoring solution to ensure the protection and privacy of outdoor spaces. It offers comprehensive coverage and multiple advantages aside from keeping your home safe.

Outdoor Home Security Systems: Professional Monitoring Services

An outdoor security system is a set of devices and technologies designed to monitor and protect the exterior areas of a property. 

These systems include cameras, motion sensors, lights, alarms, and sometimes even smart integration with mobile devices for remote monitoring and control. They detect and deter intruders, enhance safety, and provide homeowners or property managers peace of mind.

Common Systems to Protect Your Garage and Other Areas Outdoors

Outdoor Camera An outdoor security camera serves as a tool for home surveillance, which allows homeowners to keep tabs on activity surrounding the exterior of their residence. They are durable and effective in various weather conditions.
Video Doorbell A video doorbell equipped with a connected camera seamlessly integrates into your home security setup. It functions through real-time alerts sent to your phone and provides instant access to live video feeds of visitors at your doorstep.
Smart Lock A smart lock integrates into your home by offering a convenient alternative to traditional keys for accessing your door. This modern technology employs various methods such as a keypad, smartphone application, and a fingerprint scanner.
Smart Lightbulb You can easily control your lights remotely via a smartphone application. This smart home technology also offers customizable functionalities like scheduling, motion detection, and personalized triggers.

The Role of Home Security Systems

Protects Valuables

Many of us have experienced or heard stories of losing electronics, jewelry, or cherished family heirlooms to home invasions. The emotional toll can be devastating. Safeguarding these valuables doesn’t solely rely on a home safe. A home security system serves as a proactive deterrent with its alarm functionality, capable of deterring potential burglars and alerting authorities in the event of a break-in attempt.

Allows Remote Access

In this digital age, modern security systems offer the convenience of remote monitoring to empower you to keep an eye on your home directly from your smartphone while you’re away. 

Depending on your service provider, you can effortlessly check security camera feeds positioned around your property and manage various smart devices throughout your living spaces.

Lowers Homeowner’s Insurance

Integrating such a system into your home can reduce your homeowner’s insurance premiums by up to 15%. This added benefit, coupled with the peace of mind of knowing that you have instant access to law enforcement and emergency services, underscores the value of investing in a reliable alarm system.

Helps Keep Tabs on Kids

This feature highlights another valuable facet of home automation. While you’re at work, utilizing your provider’s mobile app allows you to monitor activities within your home through video doorbells and other security cameras. This way, you can stay informed about who your teens invite over even when you’re not around.

Best Practices to Secure Your Garage and Other Areas

Enhance Exterior Landscaping and Visibility

Landscaping, often overlooked in discussions about home security, can surprisingly serve as a deterrent to potential intruders. How? Burglars tend to seek out cover provided by large trees and shrubs to evade detection while attempting to access your property.

To bolster the security of your home, opt for foliage that doesn’t obscure entry points. Regular maintenance, such as trimming and pruning, helps prevent overgrowth. 

Exterior lighting plays a role in maintaining visibility around entryways. Consider solutions like spotlight cameras and smart lights for the best home security system.

Use Advanced Home Security Systems

Utilize advanced security measures such as home security systems equipped with alarm systems, motion sensors, and surveillance cameras to bolster the home defence. In numerous instances, the presence of security cameras outdoors is a significant deterrent for potential burglars. 

Enhance your security measures by integrating your system with local law enforcement to facilitate immediate alerts to emergency services upon detection of a break-in. You can hire a good security company to provide you with smart home security systems for professional monitoring and the best security services.

Strengthen Physical Entry Points

Prioritize updating the hardware of every entry point, such as door and deadbolt locks, strike plates, and motion sensors. Reinforcing door frames can also significantly deter tampering attempts.

Consider incorporating smart door locks into your security measures. These locks allow you to monitor the status of your doors remotely and ensure they’re securely locked. You can also enhance your security strategy by installing exterior lighting around entryways. Strategically timing these lights to illuminate during the night can create the impression of occupancy.

Where to Place Your Outdoor Security Cameras?

Front Door Installing a camera at your main entrance allows you to monitor all activity in and out of your home. Consider video doorbells for your front door. They serve as effective primary cameras or can complement another outdoor camera focused on the yard or garage.
Back and Side Doors 22% of break-ins occur through the back door. Consider installing cameras near secondary entrances to enhance awareness of individuals entering and exiting your premises. 
Garage and Driveway Burglars target garages due to their vulnerability as entry points. You ensure a vigilant watch over your belongings by positioning a camera to overlook your garage and driveway.
Yard Monitoring the yard provides a means to stay aware of any individuals surveying your home from the exterior. It serves as a useful tool for observing the movements of children, pets, and intruders.

Where to Not Place Your Security Cameras

The regulations surrounding cameras and privacy can vary significantly from one state to another. 

Homeowners can install outdoor security cameras that monitor broader areas, including capturing portions of their neighbours’ public-facing properties in the background. Legal issues may arise if your camera inadvertently captures areas where neighbours reasonably expect privacy, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

Using surveillance footage for purposes other than security may also pose legal concerns. These regulations primarily pertain to video surveillance, as audio recording without knowledge and consent is generally unlawful in most circumstances. 

What’s best is to engage a professional company for camera installation, as they possess the expertise needed to correctly align surveillance cameras, unlike attempting a DIY home security system.

The Best Home Security Services to Avoid DIY Security Systems: Products

Telus Outdoor Camera Impressive night vision for up to 40 feetCan withstand freezing cold temperatures (-25°C) to scorching heat (45°C)2.1 Megapixel Image Sensor3.0 mm lens117-degree field of viewHigh-definition resolution at 1920p x 1080pWeighs a solid 590 grams12 VDC power adapterIntelligent motion detection24/7 continuous recording
Telus Video Doorbell Wide-angle, 180º viewAnswer and speak remotelyLivestream via panel and appRealtime motion alerts2-way audio
Telus Smart Lock Lock and unlock remotelyEasy key-pad entrySmartKey Security technologyProgramable unique codes11-button keypadBluetooth pairing to your panel, for handsfree entry
Smart Lightbulb Adjust brightness across a wide range of 100 levelsWarm and inviting soft-white illuminationLast for over 22 years
Home Security System

Consider Hiring a Professional Security Team Vs. A DIY Security System Today

Protecting your outdoor space is necessary to safeguard against potential intruders. The presence of a smart security system can serve as a deterrent to dissuade them from proceeding with any malicious intent. Opting for professionally installed systems ensures not only peace of mind but also streamlines the setup process to free up your time for other important tasks.

Approach outdoor security with care by considering legal regulations and potential implications. You can confidently address all your security concerns with MAG Smart Security, a trusted TELUS smart home security provider. Get in touch with us to find out more about our offerings and how we can help you secure your home successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions

Security systems consist of interconnected electronic components that collaborate with a central control panel to safeguard residential spaces against intruders and threats.

Essential components of such a system:

  • Control panel or base station complemented by a distinct keypad
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Security cameras

Beyond these fundamental elements, a plethora of additional security devices exist to fortify the security of your abode, which encompasses a smart home security system, wireless security system, and environmental sensor.

Most home security systems offer the convenience of remotely arming and disarming your alarm system via your smartphone. This feature eliminates the need to hurriedly disable the system upon entering your home or fretting over whether you remembered to activate the alarm before leaving. With just a few taps on your security system’s dedicated app, you can effortlessly manage the status of your alarm from anywhere.

Outdoor cameras oversee the perimeter of your residence and are durable against outdoor elements. Equipped with waterproofing and advanced functionalities like night vision and motion detection, these cameras ensure vigilant surveillance around the clock. 

Indoor home security cameras are compact in size and inconspicuous in appearance. They are ideal solutions for keeping tabs on housekeepers, babysitters, and overall home security needs.

The savings on home insurance through the installation of a security system in Canada can fluctuate due to various factors, including the type of security system chosen, the insurance company’s policies, and the residence’s geographical location. 

Data from the Insurance Bureau of Canada indicates that homeowners might qualify for discounts of up to 15% on their home insurance premiums with the implementation of a security system.

A smart home is a modern household configuration that offers seamless convenience. Using a mobile device or other networked tools allows users to operate appliances and smart home devices remotely with an internet connection.

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